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The Worrying Thing About Celtic’s Penalty Today

So today was the day that Celtic were finally awarded our first ever penalty in the 21/22 season in all competitions.

First of all, I’d just liked to say how pleased I was with the performance today from Celtic.

To go away to the toughest venue in the league and win 3-0 and be so dominant in the match, shows how good we were today, and how much we have improved since last season.

Livi are a decent team, we saw that against Ibrox when they came away with a point last week, which on another day would have been all three, bar going down to ten men and conceding a 90th minute equaliser.

We made it look like a walk in the park playing them today, and on that horrible plastic pitch too, so full credit must go to Ange Postecoglou and the bhoys for that emphatic victory today.

It was also great to see Jota return after a good few games out injured and come off the bench to score the third.

He looked very good when he came on. Very sharp.

And now back to the penalty incident.

Firstly, it was obviously a clear penalty. But would any of us have been surprised if it wasn’t given? Considering this exact thing happened to us last weekend?

That’s the scary thing, is that even when Celtic should be awarded blatantly penalties, there is still the very likely chance, that even after looking at VAR, that they won’t be given.

And what is equally as scary, perhaps more so, is that without VAR today, Celtic wouldn’t even have been given that penalty.

Willie Collum was looking right at the incident, he has a perfect view and refused to give it.

That is extremely worrying. If this game was just two weeks prior, it wouldn’t have been given and we would have been screwed by a referee yet again.

But of course, the people in power at Celtic will remain silent, and thus, decisions like these will continue to be brushed under the carpet.

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  1. Lanarkbhoy

    I’ve just read a gratuitous amount of paranoia. Collum from his position cannot be 100% sure if that’s hanball, which was the unanimous opinion of all the commentators and pundits and yours truly, that’s why VAR played it’s part today and the correct decision was reached. If the same integrity had been applied at Tynecastle last weekend we would have had the opportunity to miss another penalty.

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