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Celtic Supporting Paedophile Hunter Shines Spotlight On The Sick Obsession Rangers Fans Have With Child Abuse

High profile paedophile hunter Stinson Hunter has been doing excellent work for a very long time now in helping to catch and convict child sex offenders.

The Paedophile Hunter, which you can watch on Netflix, is a behind the scenes look at the great work Stinson does in order to catch these dangerous individuals and help put them behind bars.

Celtic fans know all too well the sick obsession that most Rangers fans have with child sex abuse.

They seem to take great delight in talking about the subject on a daily basis, with many of them getting up at the crack of dawn to jump on Twitter just to revel in the subject.

They use is as a point scoring exercise against Celtic fans, while totalling ignoring that the very same thing happened inside their own club. and actually inside the manger’s office according to the victims own words.

Child sex abuse is something that has plagued so many clubs up and down the country, so to make out that it has only happened with one club, shows a total disregard for the victims at so many other clubs, especially at their own, which they choose to ignore.

They choose to ignore it because they don’t give a jot about the victims, they just want to point score against Celtic fans and hope that the court case bankrupts our club.

Hence the reason they have thread on Rangers fans forum FollowFollow dedicated to the topic, which has a massive 43k replies, a thread that often gets bumped right after Rangers lose or Celtic put in an excellent performance, because the whole thread is simply designed to attack Celtic and make themselves feel better.

The interesting thing is, they are desperate for Celtic to get financially ruined in this court case, yet, I’m sure their tune will soon change when their own club is taken to court by the numerous child sex abuse victims from Ibrox, because that is what will absolutely happen if Celtic are found guilty and have to pay out vast sums of compensation.

Their tune will change because they don’t care one bit about the victims, they only care about hurting Celtic and Celtic supporters, and Stinson has done a fantastic job at pointing this out over the past couple of weeks and outing some of their own supports as nonces and dog molesters through his research, showing the absolutely hypocrisy of their fanbase who revel in using child abuse as a point scoring exercise.

Follow him on Twitter below and you will see exactly what I am talking about.

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