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“THE WORST EVER!!!” – Celtic Fans Will Love Epic Talksport Rant

The trick with people like Jason Cundy is to only listen to him talk about your side if you have won, otherwise, you are probably going to be very p*ssed off by him!

That’s just what he does. He’s a wind-up merchant and it’s clear to see.

But, when it is your rivals that have just been utterly humiliated in the Champions League, officially becoming the WORST EVER Champions League team in the entire history of the tournament, then you definitely want to tune in to what he has to say about them!

From a team that their supporters and ex-players believed was a truly elite European side and who had the temerity to say that they were better than Celtic’s Lisbon Lions, to that same side being officially the worst team in Champions League history, they deserve all they get for their deluded arrogance and quite frankly insulting boasts.

The best part is they can’t even fire anything back at about Celtic in Europe that will upset us, even though some of them tried desperately to last night and of course were simply laughed at.

They can say the usual knocked out of Europe three times and haven’t won a game in so many etc, etc.

It wouldn’t matter if Celtic didn’t win the next 20 Champions League matches or were knocked out of Europe 10 times last season, nothing can be more upsetting than officially being the worst side in the competition’s history!

Enjoy their pain bhoys and ghirls, because they are really feeling it this morning!

Listen to Cundy’s epic rant below.

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