You are currently viewing “Embarrassing!” – Celtic Fans React To The Record’s Ibrox Puff Piece To Soothe Champions League Humiliation

“Embarrassing!” – Celtic Fans React To The Record’s Ibrox Puff Piece To Soothe Champions League Humiliation

The Record have been printing some absolute guff today in order to appease the angry bears after they were officially confirmed the worst team in Champions League history the other night.

First they had a column from former Ibrox captain Barry Ferguson, who you could tell was fighting back the tears as he wrote it, insisting that his beloved side were in fact not the worst team in Champions League history, branding the title ‘unfair’ and telling anyone who believed the fact to ‘get real’.

However, that clearly wasn’t ‘feel-good’ enough and the bears were still deeply upset, so the Record then churned out a Ryan Kent puff piece after finding a set of stats which allowed them the creating license to say that that he is “the best in Scotland!”

I’m just glad I wasn’t eating or drinking anything at the time of reading that insane headline as it would have gone flying everywhere!

Despite his own fans labelling him as utter mince this season as well as most pundits, according to the Record, he is the best in Scotland because he has apparently created the most chances for him teammates this season.

Celtic fans are too wise these days to see what the SMSM are doing with pieces like this.

It is an utterly desperate attempt to make the Ibrox fanbase feel good about their team, rather than live in the reality that their manager is a dud and that their players have given up and their new signings are bog standard.

Not to mention they are four points behind Celtic, have already been thrashed 4-0 by us this season and finished their Champions Legue group on 0 points with a hilarious -20 goal difference!

Take a look at the comments below as Celtic fans call out the ridiculous article.

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