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Video: Watch As Ibrox Vlogger’s Anti Celtic Comments Come Back To Bite Him

Tam Sellic Son on Twitter has done it again by producing another masterpiece for Celtic fans to enjoy watching.

A certain Ibrox vlogger, who is notoriously obsessed with Celtic and prefers to go to Celtic Park and vlog on our Champions League matches, rather than his own team’s, much to the wrath of his fellow supporters, has once again put his foot in it.

He famously predicted at the start of last season that Rangers would stroll to the league title as they had a squad so rich in talent that they could put out two separate teams that would win the league!

But that woeful prediction didn’t deter the deludamol user, and he decided to make yet more outlandish comments and predictions at the start of this season.

One of the most hilarious comments in the video was his emphasis that:

“On a football style, we play far better football.” “When it comes to actually playing football, we are a far better team.”

Yet even some of their own supporters, along with every Celtic supporter and every neutral will confirm that Ange-ball is a joy to watch, yet, you listen to any phone in over the last couple of months and you will hear comments about the boring, slow and predictable style that Rangers play, or even asking what Gio’s style is actually supposed to be, as the Rangers fan media partners have been doing recently in the manager’s press conferences.

It just highlights what utter b*llocks this kid talks and I find it incredible that his fellow supporters actually take him seriously.

Check out the hilarious video below.

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