You are currently viewing “Pathetic Coward Of A Man” – Celtic Fan Rips Into Ex-Gers Player Over Major Ibrox Incident

“Pathetic Coward Of A Man” – Celtic Fan Rips Into Ex-Gers Player Over Major Ibrox Incident

The result at Ibrox last night came as no surprise as Hearts did their usual in lying down to their big brothers to make sure Giovanni Van Bronckhorst’s flops kept within seven points of league leaders Celtic in the Scottish Premiership title race.

There was a major incident in the game though by way of a wonderous chance that fell to Hearts, and to on-form Andy Halliday, who scored four goals in his last four games before starting at Ibrox last night.

Halliday had an open goal to tap the ball into from about three yards out, yet somehow the ball managed to roll through his legs, leaving the former ‘Rangers’ player to fall to his knees in apparent disbelief.

It could be argued that Halliday wasn’t expecting the ball to be cleared by Tavernier in front of him and wasn’t expecting the ball to come through to him and he hadn’t set himself correctly which allowed the calamity to happen.

But some Celtic fans on Twitter were not having it, with the original poster of the video labelling Halliday a “pathetic coward of a man” over the incident.

As you’ll see from the posts below, some Celtic fans shared this view, while others were a bit more forgiving or understanding.

Take a look at the video and comments below.

Feel free to add your own comments below whether you think Haliday knew what he was doing, or whether you think he should be cut some slack for the dreadful miss.

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  1. Bigmick

    Nonsense…McGregor tipped it away slightly from the guy.
    Claims like this are a disgrace to Celtic and our fans.

  2. Brian

    I think the bigger issue should be the hand balm that was not given or even looked at. Bloody grow a pair Celtic!!!

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