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Referee David Munro Fails To Stop Celtic Going 9 Points Clear

I couldn’t stop laughing to myself through a lot of that game today.

What else can you do when the referee puts in such a ridiculous performance like that?

Multiple times already Celtic have had to overcome both the opposition AND VAR/referees in our games this season and today was most certainly one of those occassions.

I can’t even remember all the decisions that wrongly went again us today, there was literally so many of them that I have forgotten most of them. All ranging from the utterly bizarre to the downright infuriating.

The two big calls were the panalties.

Matt O’Riley has his arm in a natural position and the ball flicks up and hits his hand right on the edge of the box with three Celtic players in total around the County player who was going nowhere, but yet the referee gave the penalty to give County the lead.

But yet, in the other box, Anthony Ralston gets pushed to the ground with two hands into his back, the referee doesn’t give it and VAR agree.

Was it soft? Yes, I’ll be honest about that, but the rules of the game state it should have been a penalty as pushing someone in the back with both hands is a foul, and much less pushes, such as the one apparently committed by Giakoumakis late in the game were given as fouls.

Where is the consistency?

Some examples of the other madness from referee David Muro today were things like blocking a Celtic attack on the edge of the box, allowing Ross County to bring on reinforcements, them moving us 5 yards back before giving us the drop ball.

Another was him looking at Giakoumakis getting a slap in the face and a burst lip and not even giving a free-kick.

There was probably 10 plus incidents like that today. It really was a despicable performance.

Thankfully, our players are good enough to overcome adversity like this, (although we shouldn’t have to), with the dancing feet of Reo Hatate playing a huge part in David Turnbull calmly slotting home the equaliser and also his great one-two with Haksabanovic for the Montenegro international to secure the 2-1 win.

Thanks to the skill and fighting spirit of this Celtic side, we now go into the winter break for the World Cup 9 points clear.

It would take cheating of biblical proportions to stop us now.

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  1. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    Like I said on twitter it’s time our ceo earned his pay packet every game since var was introduced the decisions against celtic players has gotten worse all handballs by our players in the box has resulted in penalties to the opposition yet celtic don’t get these calls. The fans need to call out the celtic board and ask why they won’t take a stand for our club regarding the cheating by sfa officials whether they’re on the park or in front of a screen we’re being’s rowed by these corrupt officials and corrupt sfa time the club took a stand.

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