You are currently viewing Video: Watch As Kent Dives To Secure Point In Celtic Title Race

Video: Watch As Kent Dives To Secure Point In Celtic Title Race

Serial cheat Ryan Kent was up to his old tricks again this afternoon as his side needed the help of his theatrics and the help of Kevin Clancy and VAR official Andrew Dallas to secure a point against St Mirren.

Clancy initially booked Kent for diving, because as much as he wanted too, it was such an obvious dive that he couldn’t have given the penalty.

That was of course until his mate Andrew Dallas called Clancy over to take a look at the VAR screens and told Clancy he would back up his decision to give the penalty.

Comically, they freeze framed it for several seconds on the part where it shows there is no contact on Kent as he already begins to fly through the air and twist his knees in order to actually AVOID contact, yet Clancy still removed his yellow card shown to Kent and awarded the penalty, of which TavPev duly dispatched.

Rangers were horrific throughout, and St Mirren deserved to go away with all three points.

On the plus side for Celtic, it is still two points dropped for our rivals, although it should have been thee, but a win today at home to Ross County sends us nine points clear at the top of the league as we break for the World Cup.

Check out the shocking dive below.

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  1. Allaboutceltic

    Well they’ve no fitbaw talent, so maybe he’s running down his contract for Hollywood to come calling😝😝


  2. Colin Hamilton

    Just a cheat,no way a penalty,but with Dallas upstairs,ref had to change his mind.

  3. Richie

    Can’t believe the state of Scottish refereeing decisions lately especially when being backed up with var so inconsistent and just wrong!
    Who’s refereeing the refs!!

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