You are currently viewing “Coming Back Bigger Than Ever”, “Don’t Skip The Buffet” – Celtic Fans React As Morelos Taunts Ibrox Supporters

“Coming Back Bigger Than Ever”, “Don’t Skip The Buffet” – Celtic Fans React As Morelos Taunts Ibrox Supporters

As the Celtic players were posted hard at training over Australia today as we gear up for the Sydney Super Cup, The ‘Rangers’ players were sunning themselves on holiday, drinking alcohol and lying on sun loungers.

A reminder that the ones still hard at training are Celtic, who are the league leaders, and the ones off partying and relaxing on holiday trail us in the league by 9 points.

That is why in my opinion it does not matter if Gio stays or goes, this season at least, because our rivals are a team full of lazy losers, who peaked at winning the league title two seasons ago when Celtic were in disarray until Neil Lennon and every game was played behind closed doors.

Pep Guardiola could replace Gio and he’d still struggle when you have muppets like Morelos who is supposed to be one of your best players, if not the best, waddling about the pitch in a huff, extremely overweight and then not putting in any effort whatsoever, and then jets off on holiday to sit drinking instead of being in the gym working hard to get into better shape and better form.

Celtic are top and we will remain top and with this league because we not only have a manager who sets the highest of standards, but we also have a team full of individual players who also demand the highest of standards from themselves.

If we see any pics of these Celtic players enjoying a rest, it’s because they have well and truly earned it, and they will be right back on it when they return.

Check out the comments below from Celtic fans as Morelos all but sticks two fingers up at the Rangers fans.

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  1. John brattesani

    You moralas are a disgrace your fans pay good money to watch , I always did say they are a little stupid acting like a prima Donna

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