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Gio Sacking Is Certainly No Boost For Celtic, It Simply Doesn’t Matter

So, after over a week of silence since falling nine points behind league leaders Celtic, Rangers have now taken the decision to sack manager Giovanni Van Bronckhorst.

It was always going to come.

From the moment this guy was appointed, he was hailed as the new Pep Guardiola by the Scottish press.

Like many Celtic supporters, I wasn’t convinced of the threat the incoming Dutchman would pose to Celtic’s dominance.

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These two articles are appropriate here, because firstly, Celtic fans knew this guy was not all he was made out to be, we told the peepul and the SMSM this in our writings, but they would not listen.

And secondly, they are appropriate because we find ourselves in the exact same situation just over a year later.

Gio has been sacked and Rangers are looking for a new manager.

I’ve seen some say Gio being sacked is a boost for Celtic. It isn’t. Sacking a poorly performing manager who has lost the dressing room and has his players unfit and nine points behind Celtic, cannot possibly be a boost for us.

But like I have stated in the title of this piece, his sacking simply doesn’t matter.

Because again, like I have written in these linked articles, it doesn’t matter who Rangers bring in to replace Gio, as long as we have big Ange at the helm and we continue to also have the superior players, in terms of both ability and mindset, then Celtic will continue to be successful and Rangers will continue to lag behind us.

This season is a write-off for them. What the hell is any manager going to do with this current group of losers they have at Ibrox?


In the summer, they are going to have to have a huge squad rebuild, because they have so many players out of contract it’s hilarious, unless they end up signing them all up again on another deal and kick the can down the road another year, which definitely isn’t going to help them, but I also wouldn’t put it past them because they literally did just that this summer.

Most likely though, it will be a full squad rebuild at Ibrox.

There is a reason why Ange Postecoglou was hailed as a miracle worker last season, because when you practically replace a whole new squad like he had to, it’s almost impossible to have instant success and win a league and cup double, yet, that’s exactly what he did.

I don’t believe for one second that they can replicate what we have done across the city, especially not when they are up against this current Celtic side and Big Ange, it is simply going to be too much to ask.

Whether it’s Gerrard, Dyche, Bosz, or someone else, it doesn’t matter a jot, because as long as Celtic keep doing what we are doing with this current group of players and continuing to strengthen with this manager, then nobody is going to be able to stop us.

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