You are currently viewing “Huge Mistake!”, “Another Disaster!” – Bears React As Beale Revealed As Favourite To Replace Gio

“Huge Mistake!”, “Another Disaster!” – Bears React As Beale Revealed As Favourite To Replace Gio

Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou has already seen off former ‘Rangers’ assistant manager Michael Beale after the current QPR manager fled the country along with Steven Gerrard as soon as Big Ange started to pick up steam with Celtic.

And Ange might just have to chase him off for a second time after the SMSM revealed tonight that Beale is their No.1 one target to replace the sacked Van Bronckhorst.

Apparently, Stewart Robertson will be interviewing four candidates this week, although the four names have not been confirmed, names such as Dyche, Mihajlovic, Bosz and Hasenhuttl have all been mentioned, along with ex manager Steven Gerrard.

But the press believe Beale wants the job and that QPR will not stand in his way as long as the £1.5m compensation fee is paid.

And judging by QPR’s latest form, they might be delighted that they can get Beale out the door and some money for him to boot!

I wrote an article a month or two ago saying I didn’t not believe Beale would take the job as he seemed destined for the EPL having just turned down the Wolves job and was sitting atop of the English Championship with QPR after taking over in the summer.

However, QPR have lost four out of their last five matches and drawing the other one and now sit 7th in the league, 10 points behind league leaders Burnley.

In fact, the league is so close they actually sit closer on points to the 23rd (2nd bottom) team in the league Blackpool (9 points) than they do Burnley in first! (10 points).

So, it looks like Beale himself and QPR are having major doubts about his managerial abilities and he apparently seems keen to jump ship over to Ibrox before he falls any further down the league with QPR.

However, it appears Rangers fans for once actually realise what’s going on here and are not happy with Beale being named as the front runner for the Ibrox hotseat.

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  1. Allaboutceltic

    If they sacked Gio because he couldn’t keep up with Ange, then they’ll be sacking another minimum of 3 managers if Ange stays at Celtic Park for another 3 years, but more if they insist on “real *theRainjurs men. They simply aren’t good enough or rich enough to keep up with us. They borrowed over £100m for their 10’year existence, and the lenders told them to poke their confetti shares and took their money back as soon as it was available. Do they really think these same people are going to lend again and get paid back in 10’years or more laughable, when they reach a European final again😂. Instead of sacking Gio, they should be extending his contract, as they would be “up to their knees” in 💩 if Gio never brought in over £50m for getting them to the Europa final and qualifying for the Champions league. Instead of posting £6.5m profit, they would’ve been posting circa £45m losses, which would’ve put them firmly on the same road as the other kkklub that used to play out of £brokes. Now they have at least 11 1st team players out of contract in the summer, so there’s still plenty of fun for us to have in the summer watching them squirm and lie to the gullabillies about how many players they’re interested in or watching, but not having the cash, credit or borrowing abilities to follow up on what the SMSM will be only be too happy to pedal.


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