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Dave King’s 10 In A Row Comments Are The Height Of Delusion

Despite Dave King’s comments that Celtic would collapse “like a pack of cards” being proved horribly wrong, the South African based criminal is back in the Scottish tabloids once again talking nonsense.

Apparently, it was his belief that after winning their first ever Scottish Premiership league title, and the only one Celtic had not won out of the last ten seasons, that ‘Rangers’ were destined to go on their own march to ‘ten in a row’.

This is what he has said today regarding the last year and a half since his absence from Ibrox relating to the title race against Celtic:

“Gio probably ended up in a similar situation to the one Steven was in. Steven was there, won 55, wanted to kick on. Steven was given certain commitments by the chairman as to what resources would be made available to him.”

“It was very important for Steven to kick on, to win the title and to start our own run for 10 in a row. We are only talking a short period of time ago we were so far ahead of the competition in Scotland”

“We won the league by a country mile, our opposition were in turmoil throughout the summer and couldn’t get a manager. (Postecoglou) came in, with all respect to him, as an unknown coach that didn’t know Scottish football.”

“The position Rangers were in at the beginning of last season was really one where I thought we would embark on a number of titles and would go on to win a number in a row.”

For Dave King to actually believe that the Ibrox club were “so far ahead” of Celtic and were about to embark on their own run to ‘ten in a row’ solely based on one single season, shows just how stupid he is.

The fact that he is just totally ignoring the complete dominance of Celtic for the past decade and also completely ignoring the fact that we have the better financial resources because we are a much better run club, to indulge himself in a fantasy like this is wild.

And he says “with a respect” to Ange, just before disrespecting him and claiming he was an “unknown coach”.

Well, thankfully Dave, the smart people in football, such as those involved in The City Group and the Celtic hierarchy new exactly who he was and knew he would be a smash hit at Celtic.

And he “didn’t know Scottish football”? What? Like every single manager you have ever hired Dave? I’m not sure Gerrard knew too much about Scottish football when you plucked him from Liverpool under 17s or that Pedro Caixinha knew too much about it either!

Dave, your wild fantasy hasn’t come true, it was never going to.

It’s time the ‘glib and shameless liar’ learned to accept that the rightful place of the Ibrox club is second place behind Celtic.

And it always will be.

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