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QPR And Celtic Fan Gives His Damning Opinion On Incoming Ibrox Manager

A QPR and Celtic supporter has took to Twitter to give his damning verdict on incoming ‘Rangers’ manager Michael Beale.

The deal is not done yet, but it looks like Beale will almost certainly be taking over at Ibrox to replace the sacked Giovanni Van Bronckhorst, unless something catastrophic happens from ‘Rangers’ perspective.

Of course, the Scottish Press are bigging Beale up to be a “genius” – see one of the latest Football Scotland headlines, but they are being very quiet on the fact that Beale would be going back on his own statements, that he has too much “loyalty” and “integrity” to leave QRP at this stage.

People like Simon Jordan, who doesn’t mince his words, have quite rightly highlighted the utter hypocrisy if Beale was to go back on his word just over and a month after making that statement, and now one fan’s tweet has gathered a lot of attention on Twitter as he addressed Beale being set to turn his back on the club that gave him his big break in management just a few months ago.

Tom wrote:

“As a massive fan of QPR & Celtic I’m delighted that Micheal Beale is joining that lot. Lost half his games. 24th in form table. Zero integrity. Zero class. Rangers are a mess. 9 pts behind. No money & team largely out of contract. Career suicide but his ego is too big to see that”

And that is coming from a QPR fan!

But no doubt these warning tweets like Tom’s will be completely ignored by the deludamol abusers who now seem to be back to worshipping Beale now that they have realised that they are going to be stuck with him.

Oh well, the more they get their hopes up, the more pain and disappointment they will face when reality comes crashing down on them when Big Ange wipes the floor with this mug and sends him packing back down the road for a second time.

Check out Tom’s tweet below.

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