You are currently viewing “Looks Delighted!”, “Treble Chin!” – Celtic Fans Laugh As Sky Cameras Capture Overweight Morelos Return

“Looks Delighted!”, “Treble Chin!” – Celtic Fans Laugh As Sky Cameras Capture Overweight Morelos Return

DANGEROUSLY OBESE Colombian striker Alfredo Morelos for once returned to ‘Rangers’ training from his holiday back home on time as the players begin a new era under their new novice manager Mick Beale.

It is clear that Morelos has been doing no training whatsoever to try get himself up to match fitness for the second half of the season as he drove through the gates of their training centre looking extremely bloated in the face and as moody as always.

For some reason, the ‘Rangers’ supporters are hoping that Beale can get Morelos to sign a new contract at the club, despite the fact that he clearly doesn’t want to be there anymore and even if he did, he is a shadow of his former self in terms of his peak performances.

The fact that with only 6 months remaining on his Ibrox deal, it is a chance for Morelos to put himself in the shop window to get a good move in the summer, yet, he still remains in the worst shape of his career to date, and it’s unlikely he will improve his physical condition any time soon.

He may very well be one of these players that retires from the game in his late 20s, as he just doesn’t have the discipline required of a professional footballer to sustain a long and successful career.

The best thing for Celtic fans is that Beale returns Morelos to the starting line up in place of Antonio Colak, and he might just do that based on his previous relationship with the huffy Colombian in order to try get him firing again.

Check out the tweets below as Celtic fans had a good laugh on Twitter earlier today.

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