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World Cup Star Would Fit Right In At Celtic As Transfer Rumour Emerges

It was 48hrs hours ago, around this exact time of writing, that I tweeted the following after watching the World Cup group stage thriller between South Korea and Ghana:

“I must say I liked the look of the Korean striker who got the two goals for them today Cho Gue-Sung. 6ft2 around 1 goal every 2 games for current club. 24, playing in Korea. Type of player and age Ange loves to go for.”

“Would love us to bring in a striker who isn’t fazed by the big stage and can score goals at World Cup and Champions League level. Not easy for us, but you’d have to feel someone like him would be realistic to bring in.”

I don’t usually do that kind of thing, write articles or tweet about players I want or think Celtic should sign, because what are the chances that Ange Postecoglou and Mark Lawwell are actually thinking the same thing, considering the vast amount of players that are likely in our network of potential signings?

I don’t even like reading others do it, because what’s the point in getting excited about potential signings that are probably never going to happen?

But for some reason, everything about Cho Gue-Sung to me just looked like the type of signing that Ange Postecoglou would go for, and he looks like exactly what we need. A striker with great physical attributes who can score goals on the big occasion, such as the World Cup or Champions League.

So, to my surprise and also to my delight, I have just read tonight that the SMSM are reporting that we are very interested in signing this lad, along with several other European clubs apparently who weren’t named.

Gue-Sung is expected to start Korea’s final group game against Portugal tomorrow night, and the thing is, if he plays well and especially if he scores again, then that “European interest” is only going to increase.

But Gue-Sung is still currently playing in Korea and is still only 24, around the same age as Hatate, and could very well see coming to Scotland and to Celtic as the best place to establish himself in Europe, especially when we have the example of so many players coming from Asia and thriving here under Big Ange, it is bound to have a major influence in his decision if indeed Celtic is an option for him.

As I mentioned, with his height and physicality, he will fit the Scottish game superbly, and in terms of Champions League, for me, if you have already proven you can score and deliver in the World Cup, then there is no reason to doubt that he wouldn’t also be able to do the same in the Champions League.

Check out Gue-Sung’s two goals against Ghana the other night if you missed them from around 1 minute in.

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