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“Insecurity!”, “Trying To Convince Themselves!” – Celtic Fans Mock Beale’s ’56 Fantasy’

“Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth” is a quote attributed to the chief of propaganda in the Nazi party, Joseph Goebbels.

From 2012 to this day, it is something that Celtic fans are very familiar with, because it sums up exactly what has been going on at Ibrox during that time period with the help of the SMSM.

The same supporters who cried when their club died in 2012, are the exact same supporters who constantly try to tell us that same club is still alive, so that their list of honours can continue to be added to so they can say they still have more league titles than Celtic.

Before the death of Rangers in 2012, there wasn’t one single muttering from anyone about “going for 55” or anything to do with stating the number of titles they had won.

Why? Because they didn’t have any insecurity then. They knew they had legitimately won more league titles than us, and by a fair stretch.

The difference is now, they know deep down they are not the same club, thus, the constant need to reaffirm the amount of league titles they claim to have won and what the next one will be numbered if they were to ever win another.

You don’t hear any club in the world talk like this.


Because these other clubs didn’t die a decade ago and have formed another club and pretended it’s the same one!

It’s like someone’s wife dying and him going online an ordering a blow-up doll, putting his wife’s clothes and make-up on it, talking to it and calling it his wife’s name.

But guess what? No matter how many times he calls the doll his wife’s name and pretends to himself that’s his wife, it’s still a bloody doll and his wife is still bloody dead!

Check out the responses below as Celtic fans shake their head at Beale’s “We need to win 56 as soon as possible” comments.

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