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New Celtic Signing Puts Warped Rivals Straight On “One Of Us” Claims

Celtic today announced the signing of Canada World Cup star Alistair Johnston, as the right sided defender put pen to paper on a five year contract at The Hoops.

Celtic posted a ten minute interview with the player on the club’s Youtube channel and if you haven’t yet seen it it’s a great watch.

He talks about how happy he is to sign for Celtic, how much his Canada World Cup teammates and manager were buzzing for him, and even how ex-Celt Victor Wanyama played the role of ‘agent’ in the move to Parkhead.

And on one interesting note, Johnston also put to bed some of the weird theories that have been coming from our rival fans.

I posted this article a few days ago about how disappointed they were that Johnston was coming to us, mainly because the ones that have seen him closely over the years know that he is a very good player.

But as usual, there were a couple of comments talking about where his Mother is from and them assuming that Johnston is “one of us” simply because of his religion or where his Mother was born.

You can see that article here: “Gutted”, “I’d Hate Celtic To Get Him!” – FF Pain Over Alistair Johnston – Champions 67

But interestingly, his very first answer put to bed any delusions from our rivals about where Johnston’s loyalties lie.

When interviewer Tony Hamilton asked him “How it feels to be a Celtic player?”, Johnston replied:

“I’m over the moon with it to be honest.”

“When a club like Celtic comes calling, it’ll turn any footballer’s head.”

“Especially for myself growing up in a British household, Celtic was one of the clubs that is near and dear to our hearts, and for me it’s one of the biggest clubs in the world.”

He later went on to add:

“I think they are already looking at real-estate to move back over there!”

“I have a ton of family in Scotland, Northen Ireland and in Ireland as well, so that’s the dream isn’t it? To go back over there and be able to watch their son play week in and week out in the Scottish Premiership.”

“It’s been really exciting, my Dad is a huge football fan and my Mum is from Northen Ireland, so there’s tons of connections there, and again. that’s kind of what made it such a perfect fit.”

“For the South American players it’s always Real Madrid or Barca, but for guy’s like myself it’s the UK clubs, the big UK clubs, and there’s no more bigger in my opinion that Celtic.”

Oh dear, another zombie conspiracy theory put to bed.

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