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Celtic Striker’s ‘Valuation’ Surely Has To Be A Wind Up?

A report has come out from a Greek journalist today who claims that Celtic striker Giorgos Giakoumakis has switched agents in order to ‘demand’ a transfer away from Celtic.

They claim his new agents are BHM Sports Agency, the same agents as fellow Celtic teammate Carl Starfelt, and they are indeed now listed as his agents on Transfermarkt, but unfortunately, it doesn’t tell you when this switch happened, if it was even a recent thing.

They are a Swedish based agency and if you look at the clients they have, most of they play in Holland and Sweden, sometimes even in lower divisions.

As far as I can see, they don’t have any big names clients or a history of moving players into the EPL or La Liga for example.

The report also claims that Giakoumakis feels that he has “made his mark” and is “now looking for the contract of a lifetime”.

What does that even mean? Does Giakoumakis, having just turned 28 yesterday, want to ditch playing Champions League football and European football altogether and go off and play in Qatar or Saudi Arabia? That what that sounds like to me.

The journo also claims that Giakoumakis wants a “new league” as “wins are now “routine”.

I am really not believing that this is true, but let’s just say it is, Giakoumakis does not seem like the type of player who doesn’t desire to win league titles, I mean, he was relegated at his last club in Holland, would he prefer that?

Also, considering how many comeback wins an late victories Celtic have had this season in the league alone, they can hardly be classed as “routine wins”, and even if they were, would he prefer we lost?

But the real kicker for me was the transfer fee that this random Greek journo apparently knows that Celtic want for Giakoumakis, the league’s top goal scorer last season and many people’s eyes our best striker – £6m.

If Celtic was willing to let go a prolific goal scorer like Giakoumakis go for that kind of sum, I would be shocked.

If he was on the last year of his contract I could understand that, but he has three and a half years left!

For me, considering the type of agency Giakoumakis has signed with, it seems more likely that he has joined them in order to get a better deal with Celtic, and perhaps Starfelt has suggested them to him in order to do that, that to me seems the more likely scenario here that this story that just seems completely made up in every aspect.

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