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Celtic Fans Rinse Record Over Puff Piece On Ibrox’s Cowardly Croat

Record journalist Michael Gannon has today sunk to an embarrassingly low depth that reeks of bitterness and jealously due to the fact that Celtic star Josip Juranovic is receiving world wide plaudits for his performances at the World Cup in Qatar, while JJ’s boot cleaner and Ibrox star, Borna Barasic, sits on the sidelines.

The headline states that Barasic has earned the desperate Ibrox side a “£350k World Cup windfall” in compensation, “but Croatia star could be worth so much more”.

What a weird headline. Is it supposed to be some sort of massive achievement that a Croatia international is worth more than £350k?

Gannon opens his article with “There’s not just one man flying the flag for the good old SPFL out in Qatar in the last four. Not that many seem to have noticed.”

That just reeks of utterly jealousy and contempt that a Celtic player is getting all the headlines and playing so well. Does Gannon actually expect the world to be talking about Croatia’s back up left back?

He later goes on to say that Barasic played “a stormer” in his one single appearance this tournament against Japan, when Borna Sosa was ill and couldn’t play.

For anyone who didn’t watch that game, Barasic was ripped apart time and time again by Japan winger Ito, with the commentators of the match noting more than once how “nervous” Barasic looked.

The article then goes on to talk about Michael Beale, saying that he could get Barasic back playing well and either leave Ibrox for big money or stay and make a real positive contribution to the side.

File under ‘pishful thinking’.

Check out Celtic fans reaction to the embarrassing article below.

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