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Desperate Glasgow Live Turn To Football Manager To Defeat Celtic

What is it with these SMSM outlets today with these utterly embarrassing articles?

First we had the Daily Record’s laughable piece on Barasic, which you can read about here: Celtic Fans Rinse Record Over Puff Piece On Ibrox’s Cowardly Croat – Champions 67 and now we have this nonsense from Glasgow Live.

The reality of Celtic being nine points clear at the top of the Scottish Premiership table is obviously too much to bear for the Ibrox supports in the media, so they have taken to playing Football Manager with ‘Rangers’ and simulating the rest of the season to try and make themselves feel better.

They have then wrote an entire article about this and called it journalism.

Deary me.

What they did was sign Billy Gilmour on loan for Rangers to see if new manager Michael Beale can get Gilmour to come back to his old club to help dethrone Celtic.

They outlined how fantastic his stats and match rating are and his best position in the team and how much he has helped the team for the remainder of the season, notching up 8 assists and 2 goals in 23 appearances.

But the funniest part is, at the end of the simulation, Celtic still win the league by 2 points!

No doubt we’ll see a new article from them tomorrow after they’ve given it another go after signing Mbappe for Rangers…

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  1. Brian

    This is all about the huns getting to play hibs before we go north. They hope they beat hibs and Aberdeen beat us. And to be honest if that happens we do have to wake up because 6 points is all of a sudden not a huge gap. Maybe we should just concentrate on us and forget them.

  2. John mcghee

    Well these so called journalists in scotland are just masons fuckpigs showing who they what to won the league but lets hope if sevco do won it i hope it isn’t through cheating buy the corrupt officials our masons on VAR just like its been so far every fan knows that oldco and newco cant do it themselves they need the men in black to help and now VAR can call off a goal against celtic as we have all seen so far i honestly hope the fans start a protest if the cheating continues honest.

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