You are currently viewing “You Are Smoking Crack!” – Celtic Fans Give Spanish Outlet Reality Check Over Fresneda Fee

“You Are Smoking Crack!” – Celtic Fans Give Spanish Outlet Reality Check Over Fresneda Fee

The story broke late last night that Celtic were a number of clubs, along with the likes of Everton, Juventus and AC Milan interested in signing 18 year old Real Valladolid right-back Ivan Fresneda.

Most Celtic fans agreed that this was a transfer that was unlikely to happen for us, mainly due to the fact we have just signed anther right-back in Alistair Johnston and we still have Anthony Ralston and Josip Juranovic at the club currently.

And also, if teams from Serie A and the EPL are interested, it is going to be very hard to compete with them, in terms of the transfer fee, wages and standard of domestic league.

But now, a Real Valladolid news account on Twitter, one that advises they have good connections with the Spanish media, has given some further info on the apparent Celtic interest.

They claim that “Celtic are going to reinvest most of the money they get from the sale of Juranovic in another full-back for the future. Fresneda, among the favourites. Busy weeks are expected.”

When questioned about Celtic already signing Alistair Johnston, they replied that “Spanish media verifies the info.”

But, what makes the story sound like absolute b*llocks is this next part:

“Real Valladolid would like 20m for him, but offers from above 15m will be negotiated.”

When told Celtic would not pay that kind of money, they replied:

“That is the info we have and what many Spanish media mentions.”

Obviously, whatever “info” the Spanish media have, they clearly need to do a better job at verifying it and maybe spend 5 minutes doing some research on the type of money that Celtic spend on players.

And Celtic fans were quite right to laugh at this story.

Check out the tweets below of the full transcript, screenshotted with English translation.

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