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“Sickening!”, “It’s The Hope That Kills You” – FF Distraught Once Again As Celtic Grab Late Winner

There are two major thrills when Celtic grab a late winner as we did yesterday against Aberdeen at Pittodrie to remain 9 points clear at the top of the league.

The first – enjoying and celebrating your own team’s success and victory, and the second – basking in the pain and misery of your rivals, especially the fear and loathing on the cesspit of hate that is FollowFollow.

This time, they half expected us to grab a late winner as we seem to keep doing this season, but as the minutes ticked away, the hope that we were going to drop points and cut the gap at the top to 7 points was getting bigger.

But, thankfully for us, our returning captain Callum McGregor did not allow that to happen, and thundered in a brilliant strike from the edge of the box on the 87th minute.

Their match thread on our game was laughable.

They moan when teams attack us and leave space for us to counter, they moan when teams sit back in a low block and defend for their lives and make it hard for us to break down, and when we eventually do through our own relentlessness and will to win, it’s always our opponents fault for “not trying” against us. It really is a pathetic narrative they are spinning.

I’ve wrote about this before. This klanbase does nothing but lie and make up false narratives, and one of their most commonly told lies is that Aberdeen don’t try against Celtic and they try doubly hard against them.

Yet, the stats don’t back it up. In fact, the exact opposite is the case.

If you look back over the last few years, the majority of our games against them, there is only one goal in it. They are always tough games for us to win.

Even just since Ange took over, he has played Aberdeen 5 times, 4 of them we won by only 1 goal, and the other we won 2-0.

The last time ‘Rangers’ played Aberdeen, they won 4-1. And in fact, that was the third time in only two years that they have put four goals past Aberdeen.

That narrative they spew is a total, total myth. So f*ck them and their lies.

Enjoy their pain below.

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  1. Majorerror

    I always play Bonnie Tyler’s ” It’s a heartache ” after we get a late winner.

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