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Beale’s Anti-Celtic Comments Sum Up The Inferiority Complex The Ibrox Club Has With Us

Michael Beale is nothing but a slimy, disloyal, pandering, try-hard, and his constant digs at Celtic sum that whole club’s inferiority complex that they have with us.

That is my view of the man since he took over as manager at Ibrox, and one that is no doubt shared by every other Celtic fan.

As soon as he came in the door he was going on about “winning 56” aka pandering pish that he knew the Ibrox klanbase would lap up and foam at the d*ck over.

A week later he’s referring to Celtic as “the other team”, again, not because he doesn’t know our name, and you know what, I don’t think he was even saying it for the purpose of being intentionally ‘disrespectful’, although I don’t think he cared that it came across that way, but again, it was just more pandering guff that he knew the simpletons known as ‘the peepul’ would get giddy over.

After that it was the circus that he was bringing back the brown brogues. Because, you guessed it, he knew the press and the Ibrox fans would lap it up. It even had ex-players like Barry Ferguson coming out in the media and waxing lyrical about it.

And then just a few days ago he came out with the absolute nonsense that his club that were founded in 2012 and have won one single Scottish Premiership title, are the “biggest club in Scotland”.

When he said that, there was no relevance to what he was even talking about, he just threw it in there, because clearly he’s been thinking what else he can do to pander to the Ibrox fans and get them onside, so he randomly threw that in there, knowing full well they’d be loving it, even though it’s total fantasy.

It’s only a matter of time before he comes out with something about the Royals or ‘Rangers’ being a Protestant club, that’s how sad and desperate for love this guy is.

He’s now come out and said his “other team” comments weren’t supposed to be taken as disrespectful, and made up some nonsense that he’s “new up here”.

What a load of b*llocks!

Just for the record Mick, Celtic are the current champions, you were in this country as our rivals when you watched us win two back-to-back trebles.

You can pretend ‘Rangers’ are the biggest club in Scotland all you like, Celtic’s history will tell you otherwise, and if you can’t manage to Google that, then Big Ange will take you on a tour round the trophy room at Celtic Park and point you in the direction of the cup with the ‘big ears’, because that Mick, blows anything your current club, or the previous one has done, out of the water.

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