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Collum Gives Beale A Helping Hand In Celtic Title Race

There is a reason why our rivals shout so loudly that Collum is always against them.

It’s called throwing us off the scent. Protest that he hates them us he hands them them out favours left, right and centre.

I had to admit I was laughing at the end of that game, for several reasons.

Firstly, the 7 minutes added on time. What the hell? Collum was as well picking the ball up and kicking it into the Aberdeen goals and signalling a goal for ‘Rangers’ with that nonsense tonight.

Secondly, you just have to laugh at how utterly embarrassing Aberdeen were tonight. You wont see worse defending/goal keeping than that all season. It was truly pathetic and they got what they deserved.

And finally, you have to laugh, as a Celtic fan, because, let’s face it, our rivals, even with this new super-duper manager, are absolutely DROSS.

They are GARBAGE.

It will be a miracle if they make it to January the 2nd without dropping any further points. It was a miracle they didn’t do so tonight.

It will be another miracle if they can stop Celtic winning by another 4 goals just like in first game against them come January 2nd. Because the way things are looking, they are in for a serious hiding from us.

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  1. Joe mcghee

    The refs won’t let them drop points

  2. Charles Wright

    It’s hard to beat a team who have 12 men on the park at the same time although 1dosn’t wear red white and blue

  3. John Devlin

    I’m beginning to think Scottish football is in the grip of a betting scam. How else do you explain the decisions of var and the referees when it comes to ignoring decisions that should have gone against Rangers. The SFA must investigate.

  4. Steve

    We can win title at ibrokes. No way back after that.

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