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Lee Johnson’s Celtic Comments Are Plain Idiotic

Hibs manager Lee Johnson was speaking today ahead of Celtic’s league visit to Easter Road tomorrow night, and I think it’s fair to say he is going to come in for a fair bit of stick for what he has said.

The last time Johnson’s Hibs side played us, they were on the end of a 6-1 hammering back in October.

They have won a mere two league matches since that tie at Celtic Park, losing five.

When speaking about the upcoming fixture, Johnson commented on Celtic:

“They do pick you open with their ability and speed. You have got to be careful but it’s 11 human beings. We’re not actually playing the history of the club.”

I’ve liked what I’ve heard from Johnson since he took over at Hibs, his analysis is always good, especially post match, and he seems like a nice guy, but this is a completely ridiculous line to come out with, and as the title says, in my view, it is plain idiotic.

Why make a comment like that, that it’s not Celtic’s history you are playing? I mean, perhaps if we were not the force we once were, if we were no longer winning trophies and league titles pretty much every year, you could say something like that.

But you can’t come out with a statement like that, when we are top of the league by 9 points, when we are the current reigning champions and when we have just destroyed you 6-1 the last time we played you, unless you want to make yourself look like a clown, which Johnson almost certainly has done here.

If he is making comments like this behind closed doors to motivate his players, is it any wonder that Hibs are on such a bad run of form?

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  1. Thomas Daly

    I take it hes a hun and got his one liner from a team that’s 12 years old be careful what you wish for,IDIOT.

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