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After Being Pulled Up For His Disrespect, Beale Cannot Keep Celtic’s Name Out His Mouth

New Ibrox manager Michael Beale has went from not wanting to say the name on the Champions, to now talking about us non-stop.

The problem for Beale is all he does is talk nonsense and basically writes Ange’s Monday team talk for him with the stuff he continues to come out with.

Here’s the latest one from him:

“When I make statements about our squads not being too far apart (with Celtic’s), I’m saying it with experience, and I’m also saying it with a lot of knowledge as well.”

What experience is that Beale? Because Celtic’s squad is completely different to when you were here as first team coach under Steven Gerrard, we literally have about 20 new players and we are a whole different animal to what you faced that day at Ibrox when your side lead by Gary McCallister, scraped a 1-0 win against us.

And you know what, your side is also quite different, but the difference is Celtic have vastly improved since you last came up against us on the pitch, whereas your team has lost their better players in Aribo and Bassey and not replaced them, and the form of the likes of Morelos and Kent have fallen off a cliff.

And what knowledge is Beale talking about? You want to know who is better Beale, then take a look at the Scottish Premiership table, that will give you a pretty good indication of how much better Celtic are right now that ‘Rangers’.

And even if you want to just talk about head-to-head, why don’t you take a look at the last fixture we played against each other.

Just to help you out, that would be the 4-0 victory for the Champions at Celtic Park, which could have been way more if we wanted it to be.

You can try and make out that you are on Celtic’s level, but they are nothing but empty words, the last match result and the league table speaks for itself, and if Celtic turn up tomorrow, you will get another sore reminder of just how much better we are.

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  1. Dando

    He’s trying the Fergie approach, agitating your opponent, trying to get under their skin whereby turning the contest into a battle…

    His downfall, however, is the big guy across the table has him read like a 70’s porno mag…..


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