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Keevins Claims Celtic Supporters “Insult” The Team. He Couldn’t Be More Wrong

On the eve of the Glasgow derby at Ibrox tomorrow afternoon, Hugh Keevins has decided to write an article having a go at Celtic supporters.

He claims that Celtic fans having concerns about the referees in this country and talks of bias against us are an “insult” to the team and the success we have achieved over the years.

But, unfortunately for Hugh, he is too stupid to even realise what he is saying.

For Celtic to have achieved what we have done over the years, despite the atrocious refereeing decisions that go against us pretty much week in and week out, is nothing short of incredible.

For Celtic supporters to highlight these refereeing concerns, it is not insulting in the slightest, in fact, it should be seen as praise from the Celtic supporters, because we are highlighting the challenges we are up against yet still showing that we can overcome them game after game, season after season to still be as successful as we have been.

Tomorrow, we face a referee that after officiating a ‘Rangers’ victory in a Glasgow derby, then went to a ‘Rangers’ supporters pub to drink and pose for what appeared to be celebratory pictures with ‘Rangers’ fans in attendance.

Imagine for one second this happened in England.

Imagine a referee took charge of a Liverpool victory over Man Utd and then went to a Liverpool supporters pub to drink and celebrate, it would be front page news and he’d be out of a job by the following morning, he would never be allowed to referee, at least at the top level, ever again.

Yet, in this country, we are just supposed to accept it and labelled as “conspiracy theorists” if we dare point out the problem with it.

We can all see what Hugh is doing here, he wants us to stop taking about suspicious activity from the referees in this country, just like he pleaded on radio the other night to stop talking about Hibs being denied a stonewall penalty at Ibrox a couple of weeks ago on the basis that the officials didn’t give it.

Hugh can tell us to keep quiet all he likes, but if Celtic supporters feel like we have been wronged by officials, we are going to call it out every single time, whether Hugh likes it or not.

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  1. James REILLY

    It is absolutely incredible that the media in Scotland constantly sneer at everything Celtic, then tell us we are not even entitled to complain or question decision without being labelled as conspiracy theorists.
    Any other country in the world would be be at the very least questioning if not having enquiries into the behaviour and standards of football officials

    Scottish officials are an absolute disgrace

    Someone a few years ago asked the question ( it may have been Keevens)
    Why would football refs and linesmen jeopardise their careers to give a helping hand to Rangers , my question is who is going to question or investigate their behaviour.

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