You are currently viewing “Clueless!”, “Pathetic!”, “Red Flag!” – Rival Manager Under Fire After Late Celtic Comeback

“Clueless!”, “Pathetic!”, “Red Flag!” – Rival Manager Under Fire After Late Celtic Comeback

It seems that Ibrox’s arrogant, disloyal manager, Michael Beale is under fire tonight as he went back on his word to attack Celtic and be aggressive all game.

Instead, as soon as his side went 2-1 up, Beale tried to shut up shop and be defensive, bringing on James Sands and moving Fashion Sakala inside, who was having great success out wide against Juranovic, to bring on Scott Wright in place of Alfredo Morelos, basically playing 4-6-0 Craig Levein style.

But his defensive tactics backfired as Celtic grabbed an 88th minute equaliser through Kyogo Furuhashi, who scored his first Glasgow derby goal for the hoops, and it could end up being one of the most important goals he will get for the club.

The 2-2 draw means that the gap at the top of the table remains at 9 points, which is a huge positive for Celtic, considering our rivals would be well and truly back in the title race if the gap had been cut to 6 points today.

That’s why the result today feels like a loss to our rivals.

Looking on their FollowFollow forum after the game to bask in their misery, a lot of them pinned the blame on “tactical genius”, Mick Beale, for eh, making a total tactical balls-up or and having “sh*t the bed” as a couple of their posters put it!

Check out the angry comments below.

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  1. Frankie

    You should thank the other 2 helping you to a draw Beaton and collum

  2. Mr Ian Costello

    MIND THE GAP πŸ˜‚ WE DON’T STOP! GREAT GOAL KYOGO πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž Talk About Grabbing The Short & Curlies BOOM!!

  3. Bob buck

    Celtic should have win robbed again 2 penalties not giving plus Rangers were favourites to receive 1 a get the feeling somehow somebody feels sorry for them if it was a decent Ref Celtic would win by 3 or 4 goals no probs stick a tenner on Rangers for a penalty its anytime there struggling it’s easy money

  4. George MacWhirter

    What a bunch of moaning pathetic individual’s. If you think you can do better. Get yer boots on. If you can even tie them. The season was over before this game. Let him get his squad for next season. Then you can judge him.

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