You are currently viewing “Hate Crime!”, “Should Be Banned!” – FF Uproar As Celtic’s Taylor Fat-Shames Morelos

“Hate Crime!”, “Should Be Banned!” – FF Uproar As Celtic’s Taylor Fat-Shames Morelos


What a truly pathetic excuse of a fanbase “Rangers” supporters are!

They are in uproar tonight over on their cesspit of a forum FollowFollow after Celtic left back Greg Taylor appeared to have a cheeky dig at their severely overweight striker Alfredo Morelos.

The Sky cameras picked up the exchange between the two as Taylor was down injured, Morelos got in his face to presumably insult him, with Taylor seemingly responding with “Shut yer hole, fat boy!”

The hilarious dig has lead to several Rangers fans going into meltdown, alleging that a “hate crime” has taken place, that the incident was “bullying in the workplace” and that Taylor should be “banned”!

A few of the sane minded ones laughed it off as any normal person would do, while the majority of them starting ranting about their deep, dark obsession with child paedophilia.

Quite what child abuse has to do with Morelos being a fat tub of lard is anyone’s guess, but they don’t typically need a valid excuse to starting talking about their favourite subject that consumes their sick minds.

I think they should be more worried about having a striker who is several stone overweight than a cheeky dig that is being aimed at him on the football pitch buy a rival player, but that lot don’t really do logical thinking!

Take a look at the pathetic posts from them below.

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