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Journalist: Celtic Turn Down Chelsea Bid For Juranovic

In the midst of the the Glasgow derby mayhem today there has actually been some transfer news going about which seems to have gone under the radar, and understandably so.

A freelance journalist on Twitter who seems to specialise on transfer news (yes, another one) tweeted today some very interesting news on Celtic’s Croatian right-back Josip Juranovic.

John Birkley, who has 15.4k followers on Twitter, with a bio that reads: Freelance Journalist from America covering the Middle East and Major European Leagues along with the MLS, tweeted the following:

“Chelsea are in advanced talks with Josip Juranović. A proposal worth £13M was rejected.”

I haven’t heard of Birkley before, so I’m unsure how reliable he is, but it does sound a realistic figure quoted, and it seems feasible that Celtic would turn it down, especially if that’s the first offer we have received for Juranovic, which it appears to be since I believe Ange said yesterday morning we hadn’t had any bids through yet.

Hopefully, clubs, scouts and managers alike have already made up their mind on Juranovic and are convinced of his qualities, because if there was any doubt about him, watching his performance today certainly wouldn’t have filled them with confidence!

You can read what Celtic fans made of his display here: Celtic Fans All Saying The Same Thing On Juranovic Performance – Champions 67

Hopefully for all parties involved, Celtic are offered a suitable fee ASAP so a deal can be concluded, because I’m not sure Juranovic is going to be much use to us while the window is open if today’s performance from him is anything to go by.

Check out the post below.

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