You are currently viewing Video: Collum And Beaton Deny Celtic Stonewall Penalty

Video: Collum And Beaton Deny Celtic Stonewall Penalty

Another game and another hugely important decision goes against Celtic, thanks to referee John Beaton and VAR assistant Willie Collum.

It was a clear a handball as you will ever see.

If you put your hands out to block the ball and the ball hits both your hands inside the box, it’s a penalty.

Oh, unless Celtic are going to be the ones who get the penalty inside Ibrox and John Beaton and Willie Collum get to decide on the decision, the apparently, it’s not a penalty.

Just disgraceful.

It was bad enough that Beaton never gave it in the first place when he was looking right at the incident, but for Collum to watch it on replay and not get Beaton to take a second look, was appalling.

Is it any wonder Celtic fans are so frustrated and suspicious of the officiating in the country when we are always on the end of decisions like this?

You can’t blame us!

No doubt the hacks in the media like Keevins will be asking us not to talk about it and just accept another blatantly wrong decision.

Take a look at the incident below.

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