You are currently viewing “Beale’s Got His Number” – Most Delusional Fanbase In World Football Serve Up Another Gem For Celtic Fans

“Beale’s Got His Number” – Most Delusional Fanbase In World Football Serve Up Another Gem For Celtic Fans

After a 2-2 draw at home in a must win game for Michael Beale’s ‘Rangers’ side, it appears that was enough to convince the most delusional fanbase in world football that the Ibrox manager has Big Ange’s number.

This was a thread made on their cesspit forum FollowFollow shorty after the game yesterday, and the opening post has received 117 likes, a very large number from what I’ve seen on there, which shows a lot of them agree with the deludamol addict that posted it.

The thread has a lot of replies, a few with common sense saying that Beale couldn’t beat Ange’s Celtic at their worst in a must win game at Ibrox, so how the hell does that make any sense!?

But a lot of them seem to be of the opinion that everything is going to go so well for them once Beale is able to bring his own players in and Celtic won’t be able to stop them.

I find it very funny they are even suggesting such a thing, despite having absolutely zero evidence of this.

How the hell do they know that? How do they know Beale is going to be able to be successful at recruiting players, especially under the constraints that he will no doubt have?

It’s total fantasy stuff. The are basing it all on hope.

Hope that Beale is able to defeat a manger who has been there and done it already in this league, that has proven over his 18 months at Celtic that he can win titles, that he can win the derby matches, that he can go on long, unbeaten runs.

He’s proven that he can bring in very good players and also make them better and get them playing his style of football in very quick time.

The only evidence they have is his short spell at QPR, where did very well in his first few games and then went on a terrible run with QPR falling down the table quite drastically because they couldn’t win a game, and then he moved to Ibrox.

They are also saying under Gio they would have got beaten 4-0 yesterday and the result shows there is already a big improvement under Beale.

It’s funny, because in 90 minutes, Gio also drew two games against us. And guess what, he clearly didn’t have Ange’s number, but because Beale has gotten a draw in a game they HAD TO WIN, he apparently has Ange’s number?

They really are a fanbase that never tire of embarrassing themselves.

Check out the opening post below.

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  1. Cartron1925

    When the SFL sign some European refs who don’t do their drinking Lodges, there’ll be no stopping Celtic. Everybody knows Rangers have 13 players now, rather the 12 before VAR was introduced.The pens they get, the ones they don’t get. The pens Celtic don’t get and the ones they ‘concede’. The entitlement of that lot knows no bounds. Embarrassing.

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