You are currently viewing “You Been Drinking!?” – Celtic Fans Respond To News Of Shock Juranovic Bid

“You Been Drinking!?” – Celtic Fans Respond To News Of Shock Juranovic Bid

It seems as thought the Italian press or perhaps Italian football sides in general, are slightly confused when it comes to the value of certain players playing in Scotland.

Sure, they have been snapping up quite a few of our young talents from this league on the cheap and seem to be keen on getting more, mostly young Scottish players.

But what they may not be understanding is that it’s alright getting players from Aberdeen and Hearts for 2 or 3 million, but you can’t come to Celtic and expect to take our World Cup semi-finalist Croatian right-back off us for chump change.

It isn’t going to happen!

And that’s why Celtic fans have tonight been reacting to the news from an Italian outlet that Monza, who apparently have had sit-down talks with Celtic today over a deal for Juranovic, have now made an opening bid.

Hysterically, they believe Celtic would be willing to let Juranovic go to them on loan for the rest of the reason, with an obligation to buy for a derisory £6.2m.

Yes, he had a bad game on Monday, but he doesn’t suddenly go from a £15m-£20m rated player to someone you can take on loan and pay us that kind of laughable fee for!

This is one of the top three right-backs at the World Cup who has not long ago marked Vinicius Jr out of the game!

There is rumoured interest from Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea and Manchester Utd.

If Monza want to stand any change of getting Juranovic, they better stop the jokes and get serious before Celtic end all conversations with them and tell them to “do one”.

Check out the replies to the report below.

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