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Leaked Photo Of Rangers Fans Weapons From Celtic Game?

Shortly before the match, ‘Rangers’ supports group, The Union Gimps, released a statement on Twitter, explaining that there would be no tifo display for us all to laugh and and try to work out what it’s supposed to be, due to pressure from Police Scotland.

However, what they conveniently left out was the fact that Police Scotland has conduced a routine search of the area that the ned fan group had access to before the match in order to get the tifo organised, and they were horrified to find multiple different weapons hidden in bins, including a baseball bat.

It was also reported that two of them were arrested on drugs charges.

A photo has now emerged of what is claimed to be the weapons found inside Ibrox.

It’s hard to know if the picture is related to the police search or not, as there doesn’t appear to be a baseball bat in the picture, which was one of the weapons highlighted in the reports.

There does however appear to be who large wooden sticks in the photo, and perhaps wires were crossed when it was referred to as a baseball bat.

Alternatively, the picture doing the round on Twitter may not be related, but it’s hard to know at this point as Police Scotland have yet to release official photos of the evidence found.

Whether it’s broken glass thrown on the pitch or our staff and fans being assaulted by glass bottles and left bloodied from thug Rangers fans, or them cowardly taking a barrel load of weapons into the stadium to attack Celtic supporters with, it is very clear that Ibrox is not safe environment for away teams and supporters to play in.

Serious punishments need to be handed out to the Ibrox club, and Celtic should be at the head of the queue demanding such action, as the safety of our players, staff and supporters should be the club’s No.1 priority.

Check out the tweet below.

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  1. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    It seems that this club and it’s fans can do as they please knowing the corrupt SFA and spfl will not charge them with any wrongdoing, it’s time the other clubs took a stand and made a complaint to uefa as the sfa are sleeping while opposing fans and club employees are being injured by bottles being thrown by sevco scum supporters and the stewards used by sevco are allowing these cretins to enter the stadium with glass bottles, are they doing any searches? It’s time Celtic took a stand against these bastards and protect our fanbase as it may end in a fan losing their life before anything is done to stop them.

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