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Opinion: Rumblings Of Buy-Out Clause For Juranovic Utter Garbage

Celtic fans in their disbelief at the reports of ridiculously low transfer offers for our Croatian World Cup star Josip Juranovic have been putting 2+2 together and coming up with 5, and it seems to be gathering pace amongst supports online, especially after news of £6.2m bid from Monza.

The idea that Juranovic has a low buy-out clause was first introduced after two separate reports came out of planned bids for the player, one of around £6m and another of around £8m.

In a state of panic, some fans tried to come up with a reason in their minds as to why we were seeing these types of figures being quoted, instead on the £15m-£20m most fans probably think we can get for the player entering into his peak years after a fantastic showing in Qatar.

Buy-out clauses, as far as I’m aware, are not something Celtic typically inset into contracts, in fact, I can’t think of a single player who it has been confirmed had one with us.

And also, if we did insert a buy-out clause, why the hell would we make one so low? We knew we were signing a Croatian international and no doubt planned to sell him on down the line of he performed well, I think we’d be looking for much more than £6m plus.

And also, these rumours came about as I mentioned after reports of a £6m and £8m bid. So what is the buy-out clause then?

If it’s around £6m then why would a club be planning to bid £8m for him?

If it’s £8m, then why would clubs be wasting their time with a £6m bid? It doesn’t make any sense!

Also, if Juranovic really did have such a low buy-out clause, considering the huge clubs reportedly interested in him, you don’t think his agent would be all over the press letting them all know that he’s available on the cheap?

If he really was available for only £6m-£8m, you don’t think a club would have snapped him up in any of the previous windows?

Also, no one in the media is reporting that he has a buy-out clause. Look at Chelsea’s for Fernandez at Benfica, everyone knows his buy-out clause is 120m euros and that amount is absolutely massive, but apparently, on of the best right-backs at the World Cup is available for buttons due to a release clause and NO ONE in the mainstream media has a clue about it?

For me, the whole things makes absolutely no sense.

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