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Disrespectful Twerp Beale Attacks Celtic Manger, Brands Him “Lucky”

Has there ever been a manager more suited to that rancid club than that disrespectful, slobber mouth, wart-faced little twerp Michael Beale?

The disloyal, two-faced liar has been in the door at Ibrox two minutes and he has already launched multiple attacks and digs at Celtic.

And now after securing a 2-2 draw in a must win game against Celtic, Beale has decided to up the Billy big b*llocks act and have a dig at our manager Ange Postecoglou.

The whinging little runt has the sheer audacity to have a pop at our manager spending money that he has helped the club earn through selling our biggest assets when he first arrived in Edouard, Ajer and Christie, as well as the tens of millions he has played a huge part in brining into the club from qualifying for the Champions League, as well as the millions earned for his Australia homecoming tour.

As quoted in the Record, Beale stated:

“We don’t spend the most money in this country. Celtic have made three signings and people are asking: ‘Are you going to make three’? No, we will do what we think (is best). But also, they spend a lot more money than us. So Ange is a lucky man because he’s spent a lot of money.”

“He’s a good coach – but he’s spent a lot of money.”

What a snidey little runt.

There were multiple seasons in the past few years, especially under Gerrard, where ‘Rangers’ spent far more than Celtic did. And guess what? It didn’t bring them success because it’s not as easy as that.

Ange Postecoglou LITERALLY had to buy a whole new team after he came in due to how many players we lost through loans ending, players like Scott Brown retiring and selling our best players, getting them all in-sync together, playing a very demanding style of football and reclaiming the league title from ‘Rangers’ who were an undefeated title winning team and also Europa League finalists last season, which shows the challenge Big Ange was up against.

And last season, he actually spent FAR LESS than he brought into the club!

The last I read since his arrival, Celtic have a net transfer spend of around £7m. And you can bet that once this window is closed, we will have most likely recoupled that £7m, and probably quite a bit more, if players like Juranovic and Giakoumakis do move on.

Maybe Beale should stop obsessing over Celtic and ask his own board where the hell that £100m they reportedly made last season on the road to the Europa League final has gone to? Not to mention the money from the Champions League they earned this season.

As much as Giovanni Van Bronckhorst was the manager of our rivals, he was always respectful and classy.

To my mind, Gio is TWICE the man that chubby, mouth-breathing slob Beale is.

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