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Ibrox Supporting Journo Gets Destroyed After Trying To Mock Celtic Fans

Every time I see this gimp pop up on my Twitter feed, it’s because he’s yet again made a fool of himself after trying to be a smart arse, and this time it was no different.

Dan McCroskrie, who models his look on the bear from Bo’ Selecta, explains in his bio that he writes for the Scottish Express and holds a “season ticket for the world’s most successful team – Rangers FC”

So straight away you can tell this guy has absolutely zero credibility, because he peddles the lie that the 10 year old Ibrox club are the most successful in world football.

Even if they were to add up their trophies with the old club, they still only have 115 compared to Al Ahly who have 118 total trophies, but obviously anyone with half a brain knows that’s not how success in football is calculated, when for example Real Madrid have won 91 trophies that includes an incredible 14 European Cups, the most ever by some distance.

So Dan thought he’d get involved in the mocking of Celtic supporters on Twitter, joining the likes of Sally McCoist who slavered his way through yet another BT Sport production talking about Alistair Johnston, Celtic fans and conspiracy theories, and Kris Boyd, who most recently did the same with manager Ange Postecoglou after he had the audacity to speak the truth about decisions going against Celtic.

Dan tweeted: “Celtic fans crowing about being 9 points ahead, and yet, moon-howling about a VAR decision that went against them is quite hilarious. Even more so given that their manager has joined in the big conspiracy theory that referees target them. Absolute riddies.”

So according to Dan, you aren’t allowed to call out bad refereeing decisions simply because you are top of the league and ahead by a certain margin.

Very strange.

But the best part was, Dan himself has a long history of complaining about referees and “moon-howling” about officials as he calls it, and Celtic fans were quick to point out his glaring hypocrisy.

Check out the tweets below as poor Dan gets owed time and time again by Celtic fans.

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