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Video: Watch As ‘Rangers’ Get Away With Yet Another Clear Handball In The Box

Celtic fans are quite rightly dismayed at the recent decisions that we are seeing in Scottish football.

It seems to be very clear that Celtic and ‘Rangers’ are refereed to a different standard, especially when it comes to handballs inside the box.

After the debate over Conor Goldson’s two handed save inside the box in the Glasgow derby, where Celtic were denied what many feel was a clear and obvious penalty, Goldson’s and ‘Rangers’ luck seems to be continuing as YET ANOTHER penalty shout is completely ignored to the benefit of the Ibrox club.

As the ball comes in from a Dundee Utd corner, Goldson’s arm is clearly outstretched from his body, making his ‘silhouette’ bigger with the ball hitting his hand and wrist area, meaning that a penalty to Dundee Utd should have been awarded.

But of course, referee Steven McLean, who from what I read today, RangersTV commentators said he was once a mascot at one of the oldco’s games back in the day and also that his family are season ticket holders at Ibrox, refused to give the penalty.

As did VAR official Steven Kirkland, despite fans seeing at home that the video clearly shows it to be an obvious handball.

You know it is getting bad, when even Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou, who famously never criticises officials, is now starting to ask publicly just what the hell is going on here!?

The Ibrox side ended up comfortably winning the game 2-0, but this incident happened when it was still 0-0, and if this penalty was given as it should have been, this game could have gone very differently for our rivals.

Check out the video below.

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