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Journo Claims Slimy Beale Attempting To Hijack Celtic Deal

Talk about copying the clever kid’s homework!

Journalist Alan Nixon has sensationally claimed today that Mick Beale and ‘Rangers’ are trying to hijack Celtic’s move for South Korea’s World Cup star Cho Gue-sung.

The latest reports yesterday were that Celtic are now back in pole position to land the powerful striker after we upped our bid to £3m, fending off Mainz’s £2.5m who by all accounts cannot go any higher.

But today, Nixon, on his website guarded by a paywall, has claimed that our Glasgow rivals are now in the hut for Cho and are “trying harder” than Celtic.

I vaguely remember Nixon’s name, from what I have seen ‘Rangers’ fans seem to say he gets most things right when reporting on their transfers while Celtic fans say he get’s most things wrong with us.

If the Ibrox side really are interested in Cho, firstly, I can’t see them being able to match or better us financially.

Secondly, Cho I’m sure would much rather come to Celtic, who are most likely to win the league and be in the Champions League next season guaranteed.

Also, he has apparently already stated in the press he likes that Celtic have been bringing Asian players into the club, and we have also been linked with another South Korean striker and midfielder recently who could well join him.

But if the Ibrox club really are trying to sign Cho, you just know that Beale is simply copying Ange here, because he doesn’t have the knowledge himself of these leagues and players.

As I’ve said before, all ‘Rangers’ will likely get is EPL reserves and Championship rejects, and that is all they have been linked with so far, apart from Cho today.

I also don’t buy it that ‘Rangers’ are “trying harder” than Celtic, considering as far as we know they haven’t even put a bid in yet!

Probably because they won’t accept empty Irn-Bru glass bottles as payment in Korea…

Check out the tweet below:

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