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“Not Quite As Cut And Dry” – ITK Celtic Journo Gives Juranovic Hope

Stephen McGowan had an exclusive in the Daily Mail late last night that Celtic star Josip Juranovic was on the verge of a shock move to Serie A newcomers Monza.

He reported that the deal was an initial loan until the end of the season with an obligation for them to purchase the World Cup standout for Croatia for only £7m.

The reported fee was a big shock for most Celtic fans, with most expecting in the region of £10m-£15m for one of the best right backs in Qatar who strolled it against Brazil just recently.

However, it is just after half past five in the evening at the time of writing, and there are still no other big outlets or ‘transfer gurus’ who have verified the story.

The Sun and The Record have just reported on what McGowan wrote last night. Romano and DiMarzio, who have talked about Juranovic leaving multiple times, have been silent today.

In the know Celtic journalist Mark Hendry, who is the deputy editor of Football Scotland, wrote something very interesting in a Q&A with fans earlier today, and his answer may just give some hope that Juranovic isn’t off for such a cheap fee.

He wrote “From what I’ve been told, this is not quite as cut and dry as it seems in the report doing the rounds this morning.”

“I believe there is interest from Monza but I don’t think it’s exactly right that it’s a loan with £7m attached.”

“I’m working on trying to get the info ironed out this afternoon, so I’ll hopefully have a further update later.”

At the time of writing, Hendry hasn’t provided a further update so it may come later tonight or possibly tomorrow.

It certainly gives me hope that Celtic will hold out for more money for Juranovic, at least eight figures.

And if Steven Gerrard is reading this, no Steven, that’s not “one million”!

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