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Cho Gue-sung Speaks Out As Celtic Await Decision

South Korea World Cup star, Cho Gue-sung, has spoken to the media as Celtic await his decision on a January move to the hoops.

As reported by Fabrizio Romano, Romano Reveals Interesting Caveat In Celtic Bid For Cho Gue-sung – Champions 67, Celtic have already launched a 3m euro plus bid for the player, with an added caveat in the deal.

According to reports, Celtic are confident of a deal getting done, but face competition for Mainz and Minnesota who both also have bids tabled for the powerful striker.

Tweets from a fan account of the player, have just recently tweeted the following:

C:ho Gue-Sung met with reporters at Winter Field Training Media Camp held at the Jeonbuk Hyundai Clubhouse on the 12th Cho Gue-sung who is receiving a love call from Europe said:

“I’m thinking about a better way ,whether it’s better to go to Europe in January or transfer in the summer. I’m contemplating the timing of a European transfer while talking and communicating with director Park Ji-sung and coach Kim Sang-shik.”

Cho Gue-sung, who emerged as a top star through the last World Cup in Qatar, has recently been receiving love calls from European clubs such as Germany’s Mainz, Scotland’s Celtic and Rangers. Local news came out that not only Europe but also Minnesota in the United States want to recruit Cho Gue-sung. Cho Gue-sung:

“I saw a lot of articles, but I haven’t heard anything concrete yet. There are players who have to advance now within the team regarding the timing of the transfer, and there are players who have to prepare for the season together with the squad in the summer. They are all so different.”

“I think I will have to choose in the end. I guess it will.” He smiled.

Cho Gue-Sung :”Not only me, but any player will have the same desire to go to Europe as soon as a good opportunity comes. It can be improved. Considering all aspects, we’re thinking about how to do it most effectively”

Cho Gue-Sung: “I always think that I will do my best in the position I am given. Whether it is in the K-League or overseas, it has not been decided yet, so I feel comfortable every day.” I will show you a good image,” he said.

As a final goal, he chose the stage of English Premier League (EPL). He said “After all, I think that if you are a player ,you set your final goal and go. All players will want to go to the EPL I “think”.” he said.

After these tweets were posted, another was posted by the same account, this time with a video of Cho speaking Korean, with the fan account mentioning of the video:

Gue-sung didn’t mentioned any club he only mentioned Mainz? He talked about Park Ji-sung that he’s directly close to Mainz and he talked to him about Mainz. For this reason he’s thankful and grateful to his director.

It’s all very bizarre.

It’s widely known that Celtic are in London negotiating with the club’s director, Park Ji-sung and also that we are confident about his signing for us.

He has also mentioned Celtic directly a few days ago, so it is strange that he is only talking about Mainz now, and slightly worrying.

I am not worried about his comments about going to the EPL, because all players say that (see Abada’s presser on the day he joined Celtic) and there are no EPL clubs interested as of right now.

Let’s hope we get a more positive update by the weekend, because I don’t think Celtic will wait any longer than that before moving on to other targets.

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