You are currently viewing Video: Watch As Kent Gets Away With PUNCHING On Loan Celtic Player

Video: Watch As Kent Gets Away With PUNCHING On Loan Celtic Player

Celtic will now play ‘Rangers’ in the Scottish League Cup Final on 26th February at Hampden Park after our rivals came out on top against Aberdeen 2-1 today in a thrilling contest between both sides.

A ridiculous decision from Anthony Stewart saw him get sent off for a dangerous challenge he simply didn’t need to make, ended up costing Aberdeen as ‘Rangers’ were then able to grab a winner against the ten man Dons.

But the game should have been levelled up as Ryan Kent was caught on camera PUNCHING on loan Celtic defender Liam Scales in the head.

As the camera panned to Scales holding his head in pain, you could see him mouthing that he had been “punched”.

Yet, referee Nick Walsh did not give it, and neither did his linesman.

Alan Muir, who was the VAR official today, also refused to give it, despite it being very clear to the fans watching at home that the replays show Kent did strike Scales.

It actually looked like he punched him AND followed through with his elbow to cause maximum damage.

I suppose we’ll just have to accept it as another ‘honest mistake’…

Check out the video below.

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  1. John mcghee

    1 rule for other old clubs but nothing for the new club at cheating liebrox its about time other clubs called all this cheating out and get these corrupt bastards officials sacked because its them thats letting other players get assaulted on the park now thats twice mr diving kent has punched a player so what will happen to him we wait and see if they corrupt bastards at hampden sfa.spfl ban this thug i see he’s took over from fat hole morelos as for mason walsh he’s looking right at it he must have seen it to give the freekick our didnhe just see scales falling as usual

  2. William Harper

    Why after months of this situation has FIFA not step in to deal with the Corruption in Scottish football relating to The Var and the blatant cheating going on in Scottish football and the SFA is doing nothing about it nor fifa

  3. Owen Dunn

    Should receive an automatic ban for thuggery, goes to show you he’s past his sell by date

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