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Celtic On The Verge Of New Striker Signing

It looks like Celtic are finally about to put the speculation to bed over what striker we will be signing in this current January transfer window.

That is the information provided by very reliable posters on the Celtic fans forum Kerrydale Street over last night and this afternoon.

The striker in question is Oh Hyeon-gyu, a 21 year old South Korean that has been linked with us for a while now.

I did write a few days ago after the Cho transfer appeared to fall through that I believe this was the guy we would be turning our attention to, and it now looks like a deal for the striker in imminent.

From what I have seen of the player, he looks fast, strong and powerful, good with the ball at his feet and also good in the air.

I think this is a signing that is really going to excite the Celtic support, and at 21, he is the ideal age for us in terms of contributing right away, but also developing and selling down the line for a large profit, as is our transfer model.

Check out the posts from the transfer thread on the forum below.

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