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Celtic Fans Fire Back At Racist Ibrox Fans On Twitter Over Incoming Striker

It seems the “Everyone, Anyone” Ibrox campaign is falling on deaf ears when it comes to the bigoted, racist Ibrox support, but then it was always going to.

You can’t simply reverse the deep rooted hatred that consumes that fanbase with a low level media campaign like that.

‘Rangers’ fans seem to have a real obsession with us singing Asian players, highlighted by their constant vile posts and racist videos since Kyogo first arrived.

I notice that a lot of them can’t even bear to say the names of our players when talking amongst themselves on their forums.

They know fine well who Kyogo, Hatate and Maeda are for example, considering each of them has scored against their team in the Glasgow derby, yet, they refer to each of them as “the Japanese” or “the Jap”.

You can tell the utter contempt and hatred they have for our Asian players, both because of their race, and also, because they are very good players that have punished their team.

And it looks like they are now about to direct their racism towards incoming South Korean striker, Oh Hyeon-gyu, judging by some of the vile comments left on a tweet from Sky Sports about the incoming player.

Celtic fans were however quick to shut them up with the thing that mob hate the most, the truth.

Check out the tweets below.

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  1. John mcghee

    Us celtic fans dont give a fuck who Ange signs aslong as they can play football the huns must be gutted watching us going forward while they cheats at liebrox as just signing any players to make beale look as if he knows what he’s doing fucking clowns the lot of them at liebrox..

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