You are currently viewing “Overwhelming Strength!” – Report Details Attributes Of Celtic Bound Striker

“Overwhelming Strength!” – Report Details Attributes Of Celtic Bound Striker

As I wrote about early yesterday afternoon, South Korea striker Oh Hyeon-gyu is on the verge of a move to Celtic. Celtic On The Verge Of New Striker Signing – Champions 67

‘In the know’ Celtic journalist, Mark Hendry, backed up the news early this morning in writing for Football Scotland ITK Celtic Journo Gives Striker Update – Champions 67

Now, let’s take a look at what Celtic are going to get with the signing of Oh, a 21 year old, 6ft1 powerful striker, with good pace and physicality judging by the Youtube videos at least.

Here is a report on the player from a Korean based website, which gives very good info on Oh’s attributes and also what he needs to work on to maximise his potential.

“Not only is he 185 cm tall, he is also blessed with excellent physical attributes. Even during his high school days he was a player with overwhelming strength.”

“He bulked up even more during his time as a soldier at Sangmu so despite his age he is not easily pushed around by anyone in the K League.”

“He also has a high work rate and participates in defence – important for any modern centre forward. He actively presses the opponent’s back line, which synergizes well with his physicality.”

His shooting technique and his ability to score goals are fairly good, and his decision making has improved significantly as he has gained further experience on the professional stage.”

The report also outlines some weaknesses that the player needs to work on.

“Though he can outmuscle any defender, he can become invisible if the opposition is organized and he is well-marked.”

His stamina is another weakness. His play style is direct and he covers a lot of ground – this can be exhausting and he is often visibly tired in the second half if he starts a game.”

This past season he has improved on this aspect however as he has scored consistently even after starting.”

I can’t wait to see him in the hoops!

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