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Oh-Hyeon-gyu Pictured In Glasgow Ahead Of Celtic Move!

It was rumoured tonight on social media and on Celtic fans forum Kerrydale Street, that South Korean striker Oh-Hyeon-gyu was in Glasgow ahead of being announced as Celtic’s new January signing.

And now we have a picture to go with the rumour!

I’m not sure who took it or who originally posted it, but Everything Celtic on Twitter have posted the picture, believed to be of Oh, sitting having dinner.

I read on Kerrydale Street that he is staying in Hotel Du Vin in Glasgow’s West End, and the picture, assuming it is Oh, would confirm this, if you look at what the restaurant looks like from the picture below and compare it to the one of Oh sitting there.

I would expect Celtic to announce Oh’s signing tomorrow.

Check out the picture and post below.

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  1. Frank Morrison

    ” Oh Bhoy” let’s hope he makes a difference. HH.

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