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Advantage Celtic As Mainz Line Up Cho Alternative

As we know, Celtic are on the verge of completing the signing of South Korea striker Oh Hyeon-gyu, with the player currently being in Glasgow since the weekend, it seems it is only a matter of time now before an official announcement is made.

And as I wrote yesterday, despite the fact that we’ll be signing a striker in Oh, it doesn’t necessarily close the door on signing fellow Korean striker Cho Gue-sung.

It is believed that Celtic always wanted BOTH strikers at the club, with the plan being one of them coming in January and one of them in the summer.

The only thing that has changed is it was believed Cho would most likely be the one to arrive first, but signing him proved to be more challenging after his impressive Word Cup goals and performances brought the likes of Bundesliga club Mainz to the bidding table, as well as MLS side Minnesota.

According to recent reports and comments from Cho himself, he fancied a move to Mainz and a big part of that was due to having a friend there, fellow Korean Lee Jae-sung.

However, it now appears that Mainz are OUT of the running for Cho, after reports a deal has been agreed to sign 6ft6 Strasbourg striker Ludovic Ajorque, with the fee believed to be 7m euros.

And what’s also interesting is Cho’s current club Jeonbuk have also agreed to sign Brazilian striker Andre Luis, which could very well be a replacement for Cho, opening up the pathway for him to leave Korea in this window, with the player previously undecided about moving to Europe in January or waiting until the summer.

And with Celtic signing Oh, Cho would also have a Korean friend at the club as he apparently does have a friendship with Oh, so again, it just looks to be another point that is swinging in our favour.

Check out the translated post below.

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