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Our Rivals Are Making Up Negative Fantasies To Cope With Celtic Transfer Pain

Celtic fans are delighted today after announcing the signing of South Korea striker Oh Hyeon-gyu on a five year contract for a fee believed to be around £2.5m.

As I’ve been writing about over the last few days, it was only a matter of time before an official announcement was made after Oh was pictured in a Glasgow hotel on Sunday evening.

Manager Ange Postecoglou appears delighted with the signing, claiming that Oh was the striker he really wanted to bring in this window and credited the player’s desire to join Celtic in helping to push through the move.

From what we’ve seen of the player, he looks an aggressive, powerful striker who knows where the net is, and going off Postecoglou’s success in the transfer market, it can only be assumed Oh is likely going to be another hit.

Celtic now have a South Korean player to add to the six Japanese players Kyogo, Maeda, Hatate, Ideguchi, Kobayashi and Iwata.

When we first started brining in Asian players under Ange, our rivals laughed and mocked us and said that they wouldn’t be able to handle the demands and physicality of Scottish football.

That of course has been made out to be complete nonsense as our Japanese bhoys played a huge part in helping Celtic secure the league and cup double last season, and we currently remain in all domestic competitions and sit 9 points above our Ibrox rivals in the league this season and appear to be cruising towards our second league title in a row.

Not to mention that Kyogo, Maeda and Hatate have all scored against ‘Rangers’ too!

So now that the argument that our Asian players wouldn’t be successful in Scottish football has been blown apart, the delusional Ibrox support have now thought up another fantasy in their heads.

I have seen several of them post on social media and on their forums in the last few days that our “transfer strategy” of signing Asian players is apparently a “huge risk” and is going to blow up in our face the moment Ange Postecoglou leaves.

They are desperately hoping he takes the Everton job (which he won’t by the way), because they have convinced themselves that as soon as Big Ange leaves, all our Asian bhoys will down tools and demand moves away.

For some reason, they have it in their heads that they will only play for Celtic under Ange and will refuse to play for Celtic under any other manager and will form a clique against the non Asian players, causing a rift in the squad.

Folks, do you know how utterly tormented you have to be by Celtic’s success that you decide to make up a fantasy like this in your heads to make yourself feel better?

And as I said, this isn’t one nutter saying this, it’s a developing theme amongst their support.

Big Ange really has broken them.

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