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Celtic Fans Rinse Daily Record Over Farcical “£8m Ibrox Signings” Headline

I know the Record enjoy writing feelgood Ibrox stories to soothe the klanbase, especially when it comes to transfer news, but their latest piece really is beyond the pale.

“Rangers ‘unveil’ £8m worth of new signings as Michael Beale talks up transfer business” was their headline.

And no, before you are wondering what the hell you missed, our rivals haven’t signed £8m worth of new signings, they still only have Todd Cantwell through the door, who is believed to have cost them a measly £125k that they will pay over four instalments.

So what on earth are the Record talking about?

They have taken the words from blabber mouth Beale, that the returning Ianis Hagi is like having a £4m new signing, and then they have for some reason slapped a £4m price tag on Cantwell who the club literally just paid £125k for a few days ago.

I mean, there’s creative writing and there’s just totally making stuff up.

This is so much of a reach that you can’t even class it as creative writing, Beale hasn’t even said Cantwell is a £4m player.

Doesn’t this guy spout enough ridiculous drivel without adding EVEN MORE spin to it?

They couldn’t even just run with the story about Hagi being like a new £4m signing, no, that wasn’t enough for them, they had to invent another £4m player on top of that story.

No wonder Celtic fans are mocking the them. They clearly have zero shame when it comes to Ibrox puff pieces.

Check out the responses below.

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