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Willie Collum Provides THREE First Half Gifts In Disgraceful Ibrox Performance

Celtic fans are beginning to catch on to what’s happening with Willie Collum in recent times.

That’s because it’s becoming blatantly obvious. It’s becoming undeniable. It’s literally every single game now that he is providing the Ibrox side a helping hand.

Their club and their supporters will continue to say that Collum is against them, but their cover story simply doesn’t wash, Celtic fans can see what’s going on here.

He helps them open the scoring by giving a penalty that never was, for a handball where the ball skimmed off Goldson and hit the St Johnstone player’s wrist as it lay by his side in a totally natural position.

As St Johnstone began to get back into the game, he sends off Nicky Clark for a follow through on Ryan Jack, bearing in mind that Clark clearly won the ball and it was his momentum that took him into Jack, yet, despite the fact he clearly won the ball, Collum sent him off.

Then in what appeared to be a revenge attack moments later, (as if Jack needs an excuse) he went in studs up on a St Johnstone players ankle, nowhere near the ball, yet Collum only deemed this a yellow.

Even VAR said it was a red and asked Collum to take a second look, and even after seeing the horrific challenge back, Collum refused to take the advice of the VAR official and upgrade the card to a red one.

St Johnstone are still in the game and should have scored towards the end of the first half to make it 1-1.

Another gift incoming 2nd half is perhaps on the cards if this score line remains the same.

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  1. Jamie1888f Ferguson

    When are clubs going to wake up celtic included and tell the corrupt sfa that there will be no football till these cheating referees are dealt with as every game against the huns the referees are giving them every decision yet their opponents get players sent off and penalties given against them. The huns haven’t conceded a penalty for over a season in the league but its a different story in Europe where refs aren’t cheating bastards. Scottish football is rotten to the core its being run to the benefit of the huns by the masons in the sfa.

  2. Derek H Rawls

    Nothing has changed over the years, WE are doing everything possible to get a decent team on the park plus backup for all positions and in a strong position to win the league and go straight into the Champion League so financially we will be way ahead of anyone below us So I think this may be 1 of the problems they are facing

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